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In 1949 Antonio della Corte started to manage an ancient jewelry store, located in Saint Lucia area, that was soon very appreciated by Neapolitan aristocracy. In 1974 his wife, Ileana, gave a new and fruitful boost to the business, showing her creations in the luxurious hotels along the promenade. In the 80s, their daughter Carla joined the company and added fantasy and creative dynamism to the work, although respecting the tradition and her parents' classic orientation. She created a more casual line that immediately raised the interest of young people, captured by the beauty and the easy wearability of the creations.
Ileana Della Corte also made precious gifts for illustrious personalities like Pope Wojtyla, Bill Clinton, Kohl, Mitterrand, Major. In 1995 a shop opened in Naples in Via Calabritto, and in June 2013 moved to Via Carlo Poerio, focal point and showcase of the Neapolitan creativity's top names. 
A unique location where you can see new collections, the result of the interaction between the tradition and new trends, an always different way of interpreting fashion and jewelry, an exclusive way to enhance your own personality.

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